Premium Rate Texts

With SMileS you earn significant commissions and revenues from your content solutions

Premium rate texting (also called ‘reverse billing’) charges someone for receiving a text from you and is probably the most effective way of receiving payments for ‘emotive’ calls-to-action.

Brilliant for charity donations and charging for mobile content

For premium rate text messages the end customer can be charged a specific amount, e.g. 25 pence up to £5 - you decide at what value the service you are offering is worth.

The mobile operators will then make an ‘out payment’, i.e. a commission for their collection services – which usually takes approx 6 to 8 weeks (before you receive your pay-out from us).

Key Benefits

  1. Probably the most effective ‘immediate action’ consumer payment method
  2. Highly competitive payouts
  3. Reach all UK networks
  4. Full delivery receipts - so you know how well you campaign is doing – and how much income to expect
  5. Tariffs from 10p to £5 - a good selection to match the value of your product / service
  6. No minimum commitments
  7. Easy online account access for full campaign set-up, monitoring and evaluation

Common price points for premium rate texts


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