Shared Shortcode

A shared shortcode allows your customers to send requests to you by SMS to a ‘short’ telephone number (e.g. instead of typing +447899123456 the customer can type e.g. 67777).

As other companies share use of these shortcodes, you need to register your own keyword (e.g. we have SMILES) so that all text messages meant for you can be sent straight to your SMileS account.

Although you can have your own unique code, it costs more. Some people prefer to have a shared shortcode to keep the costs lower.

To see an example of this try texting SMILES to 67777

  1. Set up charge with SMileS is FREE
  2. Monthly rental is just £25

As part of our CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy we offer special deals for charities, social enterprises and some other ‘good causes’.

This is much simpler for your customers to remember when they want to contact you, and it only costs them one standard rate message.

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