Unique Shortcode

A unique shortcode allows your customers to send requests to you by SMS to a ‘short’ telephone number (e.g. instead of remembering and typing a long number such as +447899123456, the customer simply has to remember and input 5 numbers e.g. 67777)

A unique shortcode isn't shared with any other company thereby it differs in usage from a shared shortcode by the fact there is no requirement for you to register any keywords.

Absolutely all text messages sent to that shortcode are received into your SMileS account

This is ideal for receiving specific subject related messages. You would choose your own keywords to use.

  1. For example, the call to action for receiving new sales enquiries would be:
    "For sales enquiries just text SALES to 60606"
  2. Or, an example for receiving general messages the call to action is:
    "Simply send your message to 60606"

You can keep the costs lower by having a shared shortcode, but for your own unique shortcode the costs are:

  1. Set up charge of £250
  2. Monthly rental of £750

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