SMS Applications

Some of the many uses SMS could be put to:

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Don't rely on emails alone, with SPAM filters and virus checkers getting better there is more chance your email will not arrive.

The humble text message can be put to many uses, too many in fact to try and list them all, but here are a few:

Save costs and increase parent communication - also think of the benefits of emergency contact procedures.
Keep your customer informed of important driver information - even delays - receive taxi booking requests by text too.
Reach your customer exactly when you need to in a personal and direct method.
Doctors, Dentists, Hair Salons, etc.
Why waste time with missed appointments - send your patients/customers a reminder 1 day before and then 1 hour before the appointment - missed appointments is missed profit.
Garages, M.O.T. Centres, etc.
Remind your customers of their need for a service, improve your customer service with timely information that will help their planning.
Insurance Brokers
Remind your customers before somebody else does that their insurance renewal is impending.
Estate Agents
Let you customers know immediatley that a property fitting their requirements has become available.

If you are not telling your customers this information, someone else will be.

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