Bulk SMS Services

Can you afford to ignore SMS Marketing?

Over the last decade, ‘texting’ or SMS has become the social messaging medium of choice. However, SMS is also being seen as indispensable for more business-like purposes and, along with social media, is becoming the fastest growing form of communication, and with good reason.

SMS is a fast, cost effective way to communicate with small or large groups of customers or staff. The great thing is your audience will probably have their phone with them ready to receive your message and people tend to read virtually every text they get. And the personal nature of mobile phones makes SMS marketing a very powerful tool.

SMileS provide organisations of all sizes with the ability to communicate via SMS.

Text from the comfort of your PC

  1. Send individual texts from our website
  2. Send to many people at once using our easy to use templates
  3. Send seamlessly by integrating to your existing system
  4. Send direct from your email system

Examples of Use

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Special Offer Notifications
  3. News flashes
  4. New Product Announcements
  5. Annual Service Reminders
  6. Taxi Bookings and Notifications
  7. Emergency Updates
  8. Rapid Staff Communication
  9. and lots more!

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Bespoke Help & Support

  1. Easy sign up
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Support via telephone or email
  4. Support tailored to requirement
  5. No premium rate phone calls
  6. Hassle-free bulk SMS service