SMS – SMileS Managed Services

  • Not enough hours in the day?
  • Forgotten how to de-duplicate your numbers?
  • Need an extra pair of eyes?

Then why not take advantage of our SMS - SMileS Managed Services

We recognise that many of our customers appreciate the benefits of what SMileS and text messaging can do for their business, but they simply don't have enough time to manage their own campaigns and appreciate having the friendly SMileS team on hand to help them out.

As part of the SMileS Managed Services we;

  • Remove any duplicates from your data
  • Remove any numbers that look like they are too long or too short to be mobile numbers
  • Remove any landline numbers
  • Remove any non-geographic numbers e.g. 0870, 0800 etc
  • Remove any numbers that are on e.g. Vodafone's quarantine list
  • Build your database of numbers*
  • Ensure you have a suitable opt-out message if appropriate
  • Create your campaigns
  • Send your messages out

* i.e. we can build you a database of numbers even if it's going through your dairies and extracting contacts that you have done business with, to extracting them from various different spreadsheets you may have built up over a long period of time. This might be a timely process for you but for us it is what we do day in and day out, so by using our managed service you can get on with the things you need to be doing and leave the boring jobs to us.

All of this for just £20 per hour pro-rata.

Example of how Carpets Direct have used the SMileS Managed Services

Carpets Direct didn't have the facility of a computer within the sites so all mobile numbers were written on paper and we had to type them one by one into a spreadsheet to be uploaded. We also got the wording from them and set up the campaign on their behalf too, this altogether took about an hour solid to do however from that they got over £4000 worth of business back.

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* Keywords subject to availability