Outlook Mobile Service

The Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) allows you to send messages directly from Microsoft Outlook to mobile devices.

Instead of logging on to your SMileS Account via the online portal you can link your SMileS account to your Microsoft Outlook. This means that you can send a SMS message just like you send an email, saving you more time.

Once syndicated you can use your credits to send out SMS messages via outlook; but you must remember that in order for OMS to work you must have sufficient credits on your SMileS account in order for the SMS message to be received. In addition, you must therefore remember that your credit total will decrease when you send messages from Outlook which are sent from the setting of 'text message'.

The email you send out is also restricted to 160 characters like it would be if you sent out a text from the SMileS portal, so remember to keep your message short and to the point including all the key information required to communicate your message to the intended recipient.

Using OMS instead of your SMileS account can be a more convenient method of communication, in particular to communicate messages internally within a business such as;

  1. Meeting Reminders for specific colleagues
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Getting messages to staff that are out of office
  4. Event Reminders
  5. Email notifications when unavailable to access Outlook

How it Works

A built-in feature which allows the user to send SMS messages from your Outlook application using internet connectivity & credits to send the SMS messages.

In order to set up OMS it requires a few simple steps;

  1. Navigate to the FAQ section of the mec-sms website : F A Q
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'OMS Document'
  3. Open the downloaded document and follow the instructions to set up OMS by linking your SMileS Account with your Microsoft Outlook

Examples of Use

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Special Offer Notifications
  3. News flashes
  4. New Product Announcements
  5. Annual Service Reminders
  6. Taxi Bookings and Notifications
  7. Emergency Updates
  8. Rapid Staff Communication
  9. and lots more!

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