Premium Rate SMS Services

Use premium rate SMS services to maximise your content efficiency and increase your revenue - NOW

SMileS premium rate SMS (a.k.a. Reverse Billing) enables you to generate income via text messaging - often used used to pre-charge for mobile content, or to accept donations for charity.

Whether your service is large or small, existing or brand new; SMileS can help maximise your revenues

  1. Choose a ‘keyword’ to match your company or campaign *
  2. Choose the best value to charge

Bespoke Help and Support

  1. A distinctive user friendly interface to design, structure and distribute your service
  2. A single connection into multiple carriers worldwide

Campaign Measurements

  1. Bespoke Provision to both B2B & B2C
  2. Accurate reporting on success of messages/ campaigns
  3. One way or interactive two way messaging options

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* Keywords subject to availability