Shared Shortcodes

  • SMileS Premium Solutions can be sent via long and shortcodes
  • a long code is a full mobile number, eg +447999345678
  • shortcodes from SMileS start 6 or 8 and are only 5 digits (e.g. 67777)
  • shortcodes are much easier for your customer to remember
  • usage requires you use one or more keywords in your messages
  • shared or unique short code set-up and porting facilities


Dedicated Shortcodes

Dedicated Shortcodes are idyllic for customers who:

  • need a shortcode as part of their branded communications
  • would like an alternative to keywords or multiple keywords
  • have clients whom require bespoke solutions not offered by the shared shortcodes
  • require bespoke non premium rated unique code access solutions

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