Text To Screen

Text to screen allows you to make your events more engaging and interactive by getting your audience to text their messages straight to a shortcode, this message can then be shown on your display screens.

Who would use this service?

Businesses that would find this service useful are likely to be within the events and entertainment market for example; Nightclubs, Concerts, Broadcast Television, Radio, Festivals, Entertainers and venues such as Shopping Centres, Theme Parks, Conference Halls, Stadiums and Arenas. This service would work brilliantly within these market areas as there is often large crowds/footfall at these types of events or venues. Text to screen will give your audience a voice and allow them to engage with the experience; all of which would create an interactive environment enriching the audience's experience.

Why use this service?

With over 95% of text messages being read by the receiver, texting is proving to be a very effective and powerful channel of communication. Not only is it a convenient method of communicating with your target audience but it's a preferred method. It's also a great way of strengthening your relationship with your target market as you can engage back with your customers via text message sending those relevant offers and promotions they may be interested in; giving your message a more personal touch.
Furthermore, it's a great revenue tool as you can advertise sponsors and other brands on your screens. This is also a great method for you to capture customer data helping you to organically build a strong, valuable mobile phone number database that will bring revenue and profit for years to come. Once this data is captured you can then use it when you want to run mobile campaigns to promote upcoming events and promotions. Not only will it be an easy approach to capturing the data, but you can segment the data by demographics so you have greater understanding into your target audience.


  1. Enrich audiences experience
  2. Capture data
  3. Revenue channel
  4. Audience feedback
  5. Competitions to reward loyal customers
  6. Offer your audience the latest in technology and convenience
  7. Communicate with your target market in a way they like

If this service is of interest to you and you want to know more about setting up Text to Screen and pricing information then please contact us on 01484 465160.