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Let SMileS help you get your message across

What is SMS? SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, and is often referred to as a text message or texting. SMS or texts are sent from one mobile phone to another or can be sent to a landline number and as technology has advanced they can now be sent via email (OMS).

The use of texting has become a vital method of communication in everyday life, with 97.5% of all text messages being read within five seconds of being received. Therefore making SMS a quick, convenient and effective method of communicating.

Despite the advancements within technology and more people using social networking sites to keep in contact, texting is still king with 92% of Smartphone users using their mobile device to send a text compared to 76% using them to send emails. As SMS is still the most used application on mobile devices it has become the social messaging medium of choice not only for personal use but for businesses.

SMileS software has helped many customers make a real difference with the relationship with their consumers and help improve customer communication, increase loyalty, drive additional sales and increase profitability whilst in many cases also reducing costs.

Total Fitness now uses text messaging as its primary communication method because it is quicker to turn around, cheaper and more targeted than print. Also, if someone decides to opt out of receiving text messages they can ensure they do not waste resources next time, ensuring all communication is received positively; something they were unable to do with printed material.

For Laptops Direct it helps them improve customer experience. Often customers were not receiving, or maybe deleting, important ‘order update’ emails. A text message now acts as a "call to action" and has reduced the number of inbound customer service calls; hence saving them money whilst improving customer service.

For Schools, like Colne Valley Specialist Arts College, we have helped them improve communication with parents allowing relevant messages to be distributed in a timely manner and greatly reducing the workload on the office staff. This service proved invaluable during the bad winter weather.

We work hard to help all our customers and it's nice to be recognised for that hard work. We know text messaging is great for schools - not just for bad weather, but all year round. Have a look at:Colne_Valley_case_study.pdf

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